Oh yes, a week on Thursday.
Unfortunately, the beast that I am has put on almost all the weight I lost last year as am going to enjoy my hol and start again.
Bad thing is that I may be going on my own as S hasn't found his passport yet, and short of driving to get him one I've done everything I can to arrange one for him.
I am an excited bint at the moment!
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Remember me?

Is that swearing?
Some "luvvy" who deals with our accounts over at the main office did something wrong on his computer and shouted this out down the phone, then apologised and told us that he should stop swearing.
Sweet Jesus love, if you think that's swearing then you should spend a day sat in our office. I think we'd turn more than the air blue.
Was amusing at the time, mayube not to read about though. Still, c'est la vie!

We've booked our Xmas party at work (a few of the admin/cleaning/odd-jobmen boys and girls go out for a bit of a do over Xmas, and it's usually left up to 4 people to organise it. Well 3 if I'm honest but 1 in particular seems to get all the credit. Still, whatever. Anyways I came up with the idea of secret santa, which we've moulded into buying a present for everyone. Thing is it can't be any more than £1. You'd have thought it was hard to do but we did it in under a day. Putting funny quips in that have to be read out as what we've bought is relevant to something that has happened to that person, or something they've told us about. I might not be making any sense but I know what I mean. Oh, and if you're reading this, jackiesjottings keep schtum, they don't know about it, cheers love.

Me - I'm doing ok. Booked a well needed and deserved holiday (I think I deserve one anyway) and fly out 2 weeks today. Cannot wait. Mum and dad seem to be doing ok, as so my sis and aunts which is good. Just a couple of nightmare situations left and might my life may resume some form of normality. Mind you, that won't be for a few months as the trial doesn't start until January 5th 2009. Not looking forward to going through that. Not that I'm directly involved, but Shellfish is and I know it's taking it's toll on her at the moment, but she is off on her holidays on Saturday which I think is a blessing.

Right......... onwards and upwards
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A special wish

for slooj

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Julie (also known as sloooooooo-ooooooj),
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Hope you have a great day :)
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Boyfriend is hotter

Head Fuck

Things are madness at the moment, trying to cope with 50 squillion things being thrown my way isn't helping.
S and I are not brilliant. Well we are just sniping so much at the moment I HATE it. And we've fallen back into our old ways of being out nmost nights, that must stop. Sunday I'm going straight home from work and we will see each other properly for the first time in weeks. Without interruption.

Going to see my Gran in a couple of weeks. Mum says she's living each day for what it is. She's inspirational is that woman. Of course you have to but to be told, filter, tell her kids and grandkids and still have that attitude in such a short space of time is phenominal. But that's my Gran.

Work's flying by at the moment, but then we're a man down as J is on annual leave for the next couple of weeks.. Lucky sod!

Ihave NOTHING to do all day tomorrow which is bliss. Might go see S at the unit and take him and M some lunch, but apart from that I plan on doing nothing more than a couple of loads of washing :)

Just a flying visit today.
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Boyfriend is hotter

Easiest £30 EVER

Went on a "interview" yesterday and made myself £30.
15 minutes of reading through a leaflet and answering the "interviewer" and the cash was mine :D

I was a happy Fran last night, and it paid for my night out.
Oh, and I lost 2lbs at WW :D
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It's been a while

But I am alive and kicking.
Not much to say but a lot has gone on if you know what I mean, random things, time off which led to through the night painting sessions, only seeing the boy for a couple of days on our week off - but that will be to our advantage in the long run.

Erm, I'm OK, weight loss isn't happening, should be called weight gain. Have put on 5 1/2 pounds since I reached my 2 stone mark, and can't get back into it that well. Although I have been this last week, so I guess tonight will tell. Mind you I have god the dreaded "ladies demon" and going on past experiences it could go wither way. Whatever. At least I know I've tried this week.

Went bowling with some friends on Thursday which suddenly turned into a "boys versus girls" situation, playing for sexual favours. S was grinning from ear to ear as I'm absolutely fucking shite at bowling, but I did manage to surprise everyone by almosting beating them. By like 3 points which was phenominal for me. The second game didn't go the same way, however, so yes, I've paid of only one of my debts as I didn't actually agree to any of it ;)

Re-decorated the pub on teh week off as S was busy doing private jobs, so I would only have been bored sat at home (OK, so I could have sorted out the entire house but I'm not the only one who lives there nor do I make much of the mess (apart from shoes and bags been everywhere!!) so I refused to do it on my own). If I see another paint brush or roller anytime soon I won't be impressed. Although and yes, I DO say this myself it does look good. Pool table has gone, and been replaced by leather tub chairs and stools and has so far been a very successful move.

We've also moved the 42" screen from behind the bar (where it showed the security camera footage) to where the fish tank was, and put the fish tank where the screen was (fish tank was originally where the screen was but when we got the cameras we had a move around), so not only can you watch your sport in comfort on the new leather cahirs, we're also putting a playstation there if it's really quiet or nothing's on you can have a "challenge" with your mates. Already organised a Fifa 08 challenge day, which is filling up fast!

So yeah.
Nothing much about me. OH mum and dad went away end of September, and the second day there dad got his wallet stolen, £700 nicked. Usually my dad is very anal about how much money he takes out, and normally wears a money belt, but they went to get some duty free fags for mum, and the shop they went to said they couldn't sell them the amount they wanted all in one day, which is why they had so much cash on them. It was cash left over from another holiday, but that's not the point. My dad was livid. Mum thought he was going to have another heart attack he was getting so wound up. But she managed to calm him down. I must admit I have N-E-V-E-R heard my dad swear like he did when he was telling me about it.

So, fat club tonight, then cooking a curry, waiting for S to get home (yup, he's working again bless him - almost as bad as me!) then chilling, dvd and to bed. Had a lush night on Monday, was in bed just after 10pm.

Happy belated birthday to anyone I missed while away/busy.
And I hope everyone on my f/list is well :)
(well everyone in general really, but especially those on my f/list :)
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*Head Desk*

Bad Fran

OK, so since my lovely 2 stone loss in teh last 2 weeks I've put on 4 lbs, and I know at my weigh in tonight I'll have put on at least another 2lbs.
That and the fact I read my pills wrong meant I took 4 of the little blighters on Sunday morning thus my periods have been very random which won't help at all.
Still, at least I'm expecting it. Had a VERY nice slice of chocolate, orange and almond torte on Monday evening and enjoyed every mouthful.
It hasn't helped that we've had no food for the last 3 days..... makes it that much harder to try, and to be honest my head or heart hasn't been into it if I'm totally honest.

Onwards and upwards next week.
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Flying Visit

I am indeed, ok.
I was a spoilt minx on Sunday, my darling went out and bought me a present.
I'd been working all weekend (almost 30 hours in 3 days - it is my part time job) and was well and truley knackered. He came in with a receipt from Boots. He'd bought me some shower gel.
He laughed, I laughed and nothing more was forthcoming. About 30 minutes later he gave me another receipt.
He'd only gone and bought me a Nintendo Wii :D:D:D:D:D:D

Tried it out that night, and stopped playing just before midnight.
Couldn't get to sleep that night at all.
Was meeting up with Samaire Monday evening, and had a lush dinner and a very naughty piece of pie for dessert, but my God it was good.
I did, however, almost fall asleep while chatting. Felt bad about that but I was soooo tired.
Went home, fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep. Was woken up to be told to go to bed. Woke up, showered, came to work, haven't stopped, about to go home.

But yeah. Am good.
More another day.
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